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About Me

Technology, computer, and music enthusiast. My name is Gabriel Maldonado-Zambrana, originally from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. I have been using and working on computers since I was 13, but the first time I touched and used a computer was in elementary school. I remember going for a couple of days to a computer lab called MIPE and using a program to practice using the keyboard on the MS-DOS-like system. Then in high school, I taught HTML e-pages and decided II would study Computer Science. In what year? At the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, I was accepted for the Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Computer Science where I could learn more about programming and design not only of electronic pages but also of application programming for computers, communication networks, and computers. After graduating, I was able to work for several years in a security company, working with their computer networks and security systems that were connected through private networks and the internet. I was also able to work as a university professor in Introductory courses to computers and web page design. I am currently the Technology Teacher at Windham Middle School. In my classes, I try to make the students go through the experience of creating something original using Block programming languages ​​(Scratch and so that they can see that technology and computers are not just cell phones and video games. I want them to see that computer science and technology are huge fields with endless possibilities to develop their skills and interests.