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Web design and development

Things to know for continue developing your Web development and design skills.

Get a hosting account. There is a lot of free and cheap hosting providers. Free or cheap hosting is a good starting point to learn about file systems, FTP, and management of the resources.

Some places to start are:


To start coding you need a text editor installed on the computer or online. I preferred the ones that you need to install on the computer. But this is an individual thing. Most web hosting services provide an editor where you can code your HTML, CSS, or the language that you are using to develop your page. Some of the software or app that I use are;

Visual Studio Code

This works well if you are using Windows systems. I’m not a regular user of Chromebook so I can’t advise good code editors but in this blog; The 8 best code editors for Chromebook, they mention some that look in good shape.

Another important thing for web development and design is the tools to make sketches, drafts, graphics, or where to get high-quality pictures. In this area of work, there is a lot of software, but I’m going to mention the ones that I already work on.

For Windows systems:

The Gimp

For Chromebook, I just can't share a page that makes a review of the tool available for Chromebook. . Also, I see this online App Designer for Chromebook. I try a couple of things and do a good job.

To get high-quality pictures my favorite is Pixabay. It is free to use any pictures and royalty-free.